Russell`s of Clapton, London / England


The lovely Annette Russel in front of her bed & breakfast.


The entrance hall.


Logo and guestbook.


A room with a view.


Another room.


Reggie, the house’s dog, bit of art, bathroom and room


Entry in the guestbook.

Annette Russell owns exactly the London bed and breakfast, which people search for in google to no avail: small, but fine, and above all very affordable!

Some years ago, Annette Russell used to travel around the world as a manager of a rock band. At that time she was 28 and miles away from running a bed & breakfast. Today, things have changed: Annette is in charge of Russell`s of Clapton, a bed & breakfast for people who don’t want to spend 250 euros for a dusty, tiny hotel room in europe`s most expensive city. Russells is her own invention and we just have to recommend it, because:

1. it only costs 100 euros for two people, including breakfast,

2. Annette and her dog Reggie personally look after every guest,

3. this bed&breakfast is not one of these many pseudo-“we-are-cool”-designer-hotels,

4. there are more useful tips on the Russell`s web page than diverse London guidebooks,

5. the rooms are clean, charming and authentic,

6. you meet lots of creative people here &

7. it only takes 10 minutes to get to the hip East London quarter of Hackney/Shoreditch.


A double room including breakfast is 90 pounds = currently 107,60 euros.

Little catch

If you land at Heathrow (south west of London), you have the longest journey to Clapton, because it’s located far north east of London. Also not really appropriate for people wanting to visit London’s westside.

Booking & Contacts

123 Chatsworth Road
E5 0LA / London
+44 (0)797 666 9906