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The Graham & Co, Catskills / New York State


Beautiful design right out in the sticks of New York State: The Graham & Co.


We wonder if the four hoteliers come from the design and fashion industry?


The Catskills are located about 2 hours drive away from New York City



Four design and fashion lovers have fulfilled their dream of building their own hotel in the woods of the state of New York. Even though the place is two hours away from Manhattan, you should really think about adding a visit here to your next New York itinerary.

Bianca Barrattini, Jason Gnewikow, Amanda Bupp and Jeff Madalena fell in love with the Catskill mountains on their weekend trips here, which are for New York similar to that to which the Cotswolds are for London. They can be found inside the state of New York on the banks of the Hudson River (just like Manhattan) on the American east coast. The four united – under the roof of “The Graham & Co.” and of course at home in the New York district of Williamsburg/Brooklyn – opened the hotel in the little village of Phoenicia. 

Who are these four people?

For example, Jeff Madalena is the founder and co-owner of a chic boutique by the name of Oak. These shops are in Manhattan and in the Brooklyn district Williamsburg. Oak has brands such as Acne or Alexander Wang or LD Tuttle. (For those who don’t know LD Tuttle: they make shoes, which take some getting used to: Jason, Amanda and Bianca work primarily as graphic designers for fashion labels in New York. 

Where is the hotel? 

The Graham & Co. has got 20 rather stylish, beautiful rooms (otherwise they wouldn’t be appearing here on our blog), in addition a pool, obviously barbecues, a lovely garden, a bar and bicycles that are mainly rent free, with which you can try to find the 309 inhabitants of Phoenicia. 

What can you do in Phoenicia? 

Phoenicia itself is pretty much a ghost town, but the Catskill Mountains are lovely, quiet and perfect for hiking (the highest mountain, Slide Mountain, is about 1,277 metres high). 

Pretty Hotels Tip

The next time you’re in New York, just rent a car, drive along the Hudson River and stay for two nights in The Graham & Co. 


One night in a double room per person: about 45 euros. 

Booking & Contact

The Graham & Co.
80 Route 214 Phoenicia, New York

Jeffs Store

Oak New York City
Manhattan Shop:
28 Bond Street / corner of Bowery
Brooklyn Shop:
55 Nassau Avenue

Authentic Food in Phoenica

Phoenicia Diner