Lézard Bleu, Cape Town / South Africa


The Lézard Bleu lies directly below Table Mountain


The house is surrounded by lots of nature…and cats


The highlight: The Treehouse Suite.


The pool lies in the property`s centre.


Lovely and peaceful: the view from the balcony.


Just like in the jungle, but actually in the town.


One of the six “normal” rooms.


Homely, but not really spectacular.


The Treehouse with living room and bathroom.


Around the corner: the pretty Oranjezicht market.

To stay in downtown Cape Town can sometimes be risky: Down by the waterfront there are only luxurious showcases and the pretty bed & breakfast houses tend to lie in the suburbs. So it’s particularly nice to have The Lézard Bleu located at the foot of Table Mountain…

Lézard Bleu is situated in Oranjezicht, directly in Cape Town on a slope below Table Mountain. It’s only a five minute drive to Long Street, four minutes to the Table Mountain valley station and just ten to the waterfront (but: who wants to visit the waterfront when they’re in Cape Town?). Whoever stays at Lézard Bleu are hosted by Nikki and Chris, two friendly Germans, who came to South Africa about 15 years ago and converted this large, former residential house into a Bed&Breakfast. You have the pick of 6 modestly furnished rooms and a treehouse. Right in the middle of the jungle-like property is the swimming pool, which is not intended for Olympic competitions. However, it’s a beautiful spot to relax, because the amazing thing about Lézard Bleu is: it’s located right in the middle of the city, but feels like you’re vacationing in a tiny holiday oasis on Mauritius.

Ideal for

Traveling couples who want to spend a few days directly in Cape Town, but also for photographers, stylists and other creative people, who are looking for reasonably priced, but lovely accommodation.


During the South African winter from about 90 euros for a double room including an enormous, extremely delicious breakfast. 


On google maps: http://goo.gl/maps/hYgtW

Booking & Contact

Lézard Bleu 
30 Upper Orange Street
Cape Town, South Africa

Photography: Tom Wagner – www.tomwagner.de