Vamizi Island, Mozambique / Africa


Vamizi Island east of Mozambique.


The colours we associate with holidays are here.


And very few package tourists on the beach.


There is one main resort with 10 huts and four private villas.


A beach hut at the main resort.


With cosy bedrooms.


The kitchen in a private villa.


And beach clubs for two.


One of the highlights: The private pool in Casa Mina.


Of course there are also Yoga classes in Vamizi.


In the evenings: a romantic dinner in the main restaurant.

When someone talks about the dream of a deserted island, he could very well be talking about Vamizi. The island contains one of the prettiest holiday resorts in the world with the lovely addition, that luxury also works without taps made of gold in the bathroom. 

Let’s get straight to the facts: Vamizi lies within the Quirimbas Archipelago, a string of islands along the length of Mozambique’s remote Northern coast. To the right are the Comoros, after which comes the coast of Madagascar, which compared to Vamizi seems to be a continent on its own. On the small island of Vamizi stands a very discreetly built holiday resort with ten beach lodge ‘kitalas’ and a main building with a restaurant and bar. Additionally, strewn across the island, are four private villas for large families or groups and two additional new private villas will be completed later this year, bringing the total to six.

Up until the year 2005 the only people that lived on Vamizi were a handfull of natives. Then along came a group of investors who fell in love with the island and constructed a beach resort without the typical luxury hotel characteristics. Everything is a bit more relaxed on Vamizi, even the staff don’t wear shoes and serve the lemonade barefoot. 

Ideal for

Couples, who are looking for a deserted beach (but don’t want to go to the bloody Maldives yet again) or rich families, who want to rent a large private villa with staff inclusive. 


Divers and snorkelers discover a complete underwater animal kingdom on Vamizi. Some are even lucky enough to encounter a whale shark and have the privilege of swimming alongside it for a while.


The best thing is to fly with a prominent airline to Dar Es-Salaam, from where you fly to the island with a small private plane. 


Lodge villas available from 1085 US$ per person per night including all meals and a lot of extras.


Vamizi Island
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