Cabochon, Bangkok / Thailand


Right in the middle of Bangkok, near Sukhumvit Road: hotel Cabochon.


Most of the time the owners car is parked in front of the building.


Inside: the restaurant, that could easily be in Williamsburg/NY.


We were allowed to stay in room 202 with its colonial balcony.


The basket contains everything, that normally isn’t included in the room.


The residences are spectacular…


They can be rented the whole year.


With collectors pieces and antiques…


The residence has two bedrooms and a kitchen.


The lounge, in which breakfast is also served.


And up above on the roof: a pool with a view to the building sins of Bangkok.

In Bangkok there are many typical business and tourist hotels, but only a handful of pretty, authentic ones. The big exception is the Cabochon hotel near Sukhumvit road. After two days, we already fell in love with this place.

Bangkok, this unbelievable city with its thousand ill-fitting skyscrapers, certainly has something magical. Most visitors can’t really say what it is, but there are very few people, who are not fascinated by this Thai metropole’s energy and uniqueness. However, the bad thing about Bangkok are the long traveling distances and traffic jams on its streets.

Yet right in the middle, at the address Soi 49, Sukhumvit Road in the east of the city, lies one of the most beautiful town hotels in Asia: the Cabochon. The building itself is well worth the journey: an estate in the colonial style of Shanghai in the 20s. Even in front of the estate, you get an idea of the beauty: The 50 year old Mercedes of the owner Eugene is parked in front of the building. Eugene is originally from Taiwan, but settled in Bangkok in 1998. He is a real design, antiques and car freak, which you can spot very quickly. His library contains all the editions of Wallpaper, rare car magazines along with books on architecture and fashion. Breakfast is also served in this illustrious library.

On the other side of the ground floor, there`s a wonderful restaurant, with a Street Food Wagon in the kitchen, which has a parquet floor that most of us have always dreamed about for our home. We tried the green curry in the evening and were certainly not disappointed.

Of course, all the rooms are beautiful, the bathrooms renovated in the 20s style and amazingly clean for a big city such as Bangkok.

The highlight are the residences, located on the 4th floor. There are two large ones of more than 100 square metres and perfect for people who have to work for one or two months in Bangkok, but don’t want to hide themselves away in a hotel room.

There is even a decent swimming pool on the roof, which has a view to the – well – rather strange neighbouring houses. Whoever spends a few days in Bangkok soon realizes: this city is not pretty, but very authentic.

Ideal for

Everyone, who wants to stay in a genuine Bangkok quarter and enjoy the morning coffee in a lovely cup. 



Doubles from about 120 euros per night.


Yes, free in the building and all the rooms.


Cabochon Hotel & Residences
Soi 45, Sukhumvit Road,
Thanon / Bangkok