Casas Na Areia, Comporta / Portugal

Less is more: At Casas na Areia south of Lisbon, the host João invites you to his reduced straw huts. These huts have even appeared at the Biennale in Venice and now the ordinary mortals are allowed to come.

At the start of this special project, the idea was – as so often happens – a completely different one: the pilot, Joao Rodriguez from Portugal was looking for a location for a private summer house. Together with the renowned architect Manuel Aires Mateus he built beach huts in the isolated region of Comporta, south of Lisbon. However, Mateus is quite a genius in terms of architecture and it came about that the houses made of sand (Casas na Areia) represented Portugal at the Biennale in Venice in the year 2010. Magazines made the house famous and Joao decided to rent the huts to friends and guests.

There is a bit of history to this land: Comporta is a flat yet undiscovered region in which erecting any buildings was actually forbidden. You can’t even really do anything there – besides the fantsatic beaches. If we’re perfectly honest, it’s a anti-tourist destination, which in today’s modern times might hit the nail on the head. A german newspaper just used the expression: “What do you do? Nothing” in a published article about Comporta. 

Since a couple of years, the

But let’s return to the Casas: they are really quite chic and luxurious too, because the furnishings were created by famous designers. Even the sand flooring has heating built in. There is a a total of four self-catering huts (however, breakfast can be delivered on request), and it is 20 minutes by bicycle to the beach. 


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Own house with kitchen from 500 euros per night.

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