Pretty Hotels

Ebbio Retreat,
Tuscany / Italy

A beautiful vacation home, retreat location and a wealth of health awaits. At Ebbio Tuscany, get ready to unwind with yoga, therapy and healthy food. Highly…

Das Hilla,
Kassel / Germany

Dream big! Four women did and created and opened Das Hilla, a beautiful Villa Kunterbunt in the hills outside Kassel. A “Third Place” to fall in…

Maison Duroy,
Nérac / Gascogne,

Bienvenue at Maison Duroy, a new guesthouse truly out of the ordinary. Stay here for great conversations, fantastic culinary experiences and a lot of style. Until 2019,…

Agriturismo Il Rigo,
Tuscany / Italy

Welcome to the Agriturismo Il Rigo where sustainability, great food and wonderful simple rooms are mixed with lovely hosts and natural beauty. We checked in and found…