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Maierl Alm & Chalets, Kitzbühel / Austria


The individual chalets…


…with a few over the Kitzbüheler Alps.




bedroom view…






the parlour on the ground floor.


…and the wonderful terrace.






Also in every chalet: its own sauna.


For everyone: the swimming pool.


In the evenings, chef Johann conjures up Tiroler specialities.






Always on the go: the staff.

The Kitzbüheler Alps are in principle very beautiful. However, it is even more beautiful to enjoy them from the top of the mountain in one of the wonderful Maierl chalets. We were allowed to check in.

The historic Maierl-Alm lies directly on a mountainside, which – if you continued to walk upwards – finishes at the famous Hahnenkamm (“The Streif”) in the Kitzbüheler Alps. And that is just the first advantage of this outstanding chalet village: from the terrace you look into the mountain world of the Tiroler Alps, headlong even into the silver cliffs of the the famous “Wilder Kaiser”.

In the year 2010 a couple from Munich bought the aged and long in the tooth guesthouse Maierl-Alm standing at over 1200 metres above sea level and constructed a modern chalet village on the site. In the main building there are 12 rooms, an apartment for families, a restaurant, a terrace with sunset romance and a pool. But the real highlight of the property are the five chalets. They all have four bedrooms available, a large living area, sauna as well as two terraces, one with an outdoor jacuzzi. They are all modern and connected to the main building. When the winter is governed by freezing temperatures you don’t have to go outside in order to access the restaurant or swimming pool. 

While our visit, things were really relaxed at this luxurious hideaway. Outside, the kids were bouncing on the trampoline, others came back from a mountain biking trip and a family from Vienna was just enjoying the solitude on the wonderful area. 

In the evenings everyone meets up again on the terrace and dine together under the setting sun. In the end, people here tend to say: “Is there anything more beautiful?”

Ideal for

Families, who still get on so well with each other, that staying in one chalet isn’t a problem. In winter the huts as well as the the rooms in the main building are perfect for skiers, you just strap on your skis at the door, then glide down to the gondola. The Maierl Chalets lie directly in the Kitzbüheler ski region.


From this season chef Johann Niedermayer conjures up classic disahes as well as vegan delicacies.


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In summer the chalets go for 120 euros per person (with a minimum occupancy of 4 people). Rooms in the main building from 70 euros per person. In winter the chalet cost from 180 Euro per person and night (with a minimum occupancy of 4 people).

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Maierl Alm & Chalets
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