Marktgasse Hotel, Zurich / Switzerland


The new Hotel Marktgasse in the old town.


The entrance with the bar.


The rooms are all bright and have a mixture of traditional and modern.


And some designpieces.


We loved: The junior suite.




The “generous” room.






The breakfast comes from Delish Take-Out in the same building.


A wonderful conference room…


The terrace in front of the house.


The dishes of Delish Café Take Out.


Pretty stylish: Baltho kitchen & bar.


The locals love the bar.



The new Hotel Marktgasse is not only the most beautiful building in the lower part of Zurich’s old town, but is also a place where you will enjoy lunch, fine dining and drinks in a stylish atmosphere.

A visit to the Hotel Marktgasse is a journey through time: you enter a 600 years old guest parlour, which has been superbly renovated and – this is always the most important thing for us – in which you immediately feel at ease. The managing director Olivier Gerber, who formerly worked for the luxury hotel brand Four Seasons, welcomed us so heartily and uncomplicated that you immediately consider choosing this place as your second home. Gerber told us that this is specifically his aim. During the very demanding renovation of the building complex in the wonderful old town of Zurich – right in the narrow alleys at the bottom of the famous “Doerfli” – very careful consideration was given to ensure a warm and uncomplicated atmosphere.

The advantage: besides the 39 bright, individual rooms, the building also has a cool breakfast and lunch deli available, a very good and modern dining place and a very stylish bar for the after dinner drinks. Theoretically it is also possible to spend the whole day in the Hotel Marktgasse, which, being in this part of Zurich, we can’t really recommend. The city is just too beautiful (please also see “Zurich – The Perfect Place” on our website).

The rooms

We were permitted to stay in a junior suite on the second floor and what can we say: the room was out of this world. A dream, especially in a place like Zurich, where every square metre is fought for tooth and nail. We had lots of space and a wonderful king-sized bed, open plan bathroom with a detached bath tub and a view into the alleys of the “Doerfli”. Every room also has a Nespresso coffee machine and outside in the corridor you can get drinking water to take into your room. The beautiful thing about all the rooms is their purism, which harmonizes really well with the historical walls (this isn’t always the case). The other rooms are also very bright and have that feel comfortable factor.


There is a Delish Café Take-Out, in which the hotel guests can have breakfast. At lunchtime, there are also a lot of salads available, vegan specialities and there are also a few oriental things on offer. The locals already love this. The Baltho Kitchen & Bar, is a classic dining place with an open kitchen. What’s available? For example “Bang Bang Chicken” – Poulet with spinach, onions, peanuts, ginger and daikon. After this everyone meets at the bar.

Ideal for

Seriously: All travellers, international and national. The Marktgasse Hotel is the perfect place to discover for yourself and to which you would dearly like to return. Only those who need a large hotel lobby in order to be noticed are probably not in the right place here.


Those who would like to can train for free at the Fitnesspark Hammam Münstergasse, which is just two minutes away and is also great for relaxation. Further infos here.


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Double room from about 250 euros. The suite is around 350 euros.


Marktgasse Hotel Zürich
Marktgasse 17
CH-8001 Zürich

+41 44 266 10 10


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