The Nicest Small Hotels in New York City



Because New York reinvents itself nonstop, each year more than 30 new hotels open their gates. We went right into this fantastic place and researched the loveliest ones.

Just a few impressive figures: Every year, a total of more than 50 million tourists visit New York and they spend round about 40 billion dollars!

Today there are more than 500 hotels with about 120.000 rooms. And every year, the city adds more than 30 hotels. We flew in and strolled through Manhattan to find the newest jewels in the crown in the Big Apple. 


1. The Highline Hotel 

A room at the new Highline Hotel

The Highline building is a real jewel. It’s located at the top end of the meatpacking district and looks as if it used to be a student hostel in the 19th century. The funny thing is: it was one – for priest candidates. Inside you are greeted affectionately at the currently friendliest coffee bar in town. You feel as if you’re in New England, and hip, modern Manhattan is just having a holiday here. You find small, beautiful sofas, relics from the old college days and nice, quiet rooms at affordable prices. This is our favourite at the moment.

Ideal for all fans of the old bohémian style, New England and Harry Potter novels. 

Location on google maps:

The Highline Hotel 
10th Avenue / 20. Street 

2. The Greenwich Hotel 

The Tribeca Penthouse at the Greenwich hotel.

The Greenwich has a massive PR advantage: One of the co-owners of the hotel is Robert de Niro. The house is one of those new luxury hotels, that you don’t immediately recognize as a five star place. It’s rather the expensive, creative details, that really catch your eye. The rooms are what we call rustic-chic. And just recently, the Belgian art collector and Godfather of good taste, Axel Vervoordt, has designed a new super suite called “The Tribeca Penthouse”. It reminds us of the Pretty Hotel Corte San Pietro in Matera/Italy, which probably isn’t a coincidence, because Axel Vervoordt visited San Pietro recently and fell in love with it too. The other nice thing about the Greenwich: Owner Robert de Niro doesn’t just lend his name to the hotel, he actually plays an active part in the renovation.

So, it is ideal for: architect fans, art collectors and purists, who prefer the comforts of a the place, wich is also a member of the “leading hotels of the world” brand. 

Location on google maps:

The Greenwich Hotel
377 Greenwich Street
NY, NY 10013

3. The Broome

The terrace of the Broome hotel.

When you stroll into the lobby of the new Broome Hotel, you actually change continents: to Europe. This is obviously not a coincidence, because all four of the Broome’s owners come from France. Up until now, they were at home in gastronomy in the district of SoHo, but are now fulfilling there dream with a 15-room accommodation on the corner of Broome and Cosby Street. The rooms are not very big, but very pretty and the inner courtyard reminded us a little of the Costes Hotel in Paris. Flowers, balconies, small, chic details and a clientele that would prefer to attend a fashion show by Paul Smith rather than Prada or Gucci.  

Location on google maps:

The Broome
431 Broome Street
NY, NY 10013

4. The Refinery

The lobby of the new Refinery Hotel.

The Refinery is a further vintage jewel among the new hotels. It’s located in a former hat factory in the garment district. Inside there is an unbelievably beautiful entrance area, very classical and noble, more like a Prince Charles teatime lobby. The rooms are also very chic, but however, not quite as classical as the rest of the building. The absolute highlight – also for non guests: the rooftop bar with garlands like in Italy and a spectacular view to the Empire State Building. There are not many bars that can compete with this.

Ideal for: more for us elderly people, who still think they’re young. 

Location on google maps:

Refinery Hotel
63 W, 38. Street 

5. The Marlton

A standard room at the Marlton Hotel.

The Marlton, near Washington Square, is even beautiful from the outside: A very classical building with many stucco elements, built in 1900. The author Jack Kerouac wrote his novels here and the operators of the new Marlton hotel, the BD Group belonging to Sean McPhearson (among others The Bowery &The Jane), have retained the poetry spirit within the house. It’s located in the Greenwich district, has got 107 rooms, which are not very big, although very comfortable and absolutely affordable.

Ideal for: young couples, looking for a romantic New York City weekend. 

Location on google maps:

The Marlton 
5 West 8th Street