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Parrot Cay by COMO, Turks & Caicos / Caribbean


Do we need more? Private pool, sun beds and the Caribbean.


The main building with the garden & sea view rooms.


The beach-villas.


The interior of the one-bedroom villa.


The view from the two-bedroom villa.


Arrival and departure in the hotel’s own boat.

Holiday resorts in the Caribbean often seemed to be like small Disneylands: colorful, loud and full of fringe events. However, the newly designed retreats promise something different. We flew to the Turks & Caicos Islands and discovered a new sanctuary that can be highly recommended for a stylish family holiday. 

Those who fly to the Caribbean, mostly land at a very bizarre airport. It’s the same thing on the Turks and Caicos Islands, which lie a bit to the north of the Dominican Republic. From the tiny town of Provinciales, you at first drive 30 minutes with the car to the north west followed by a boat trip to the small private island of Parrot Cay.

Then you step into the resort and immediately feel at home. On the one hand this is because of the reduced architecture and on the other, because of the 5-star standard that the hotel and the Como Hotels Group have set themselves. The clientele are well-behaved New Yorkers or even actors like Bruce Willis, who owns one of the private residence inside the resort and who we sometimes saw strolling over the green lawn during our visit.

There is a main building done in a colonial style, with lovely rooms looking towards the gardens and the sea and they all have large balconies and fluffy bedclothes. Then there are the beach villas, which have one or two bedrooms, an own pool, an enormous bathroom, outdoor shower and a kind of private access to the beach and ocean. Apropos ocean: the water here has an agreeable 25 degrees and sparkles as turquoise as in a holiday brochure. A little apart from this are the residences, which are privately owned, but also have access to the hotel’s facilities, especially the two restaurants. The one in the main building has more of an Italian cuisine, the one at the pool serves burgers and tasty fries at lunch time, but in the evening is then turned into a more chic Thai-food restaurant.

Ideal for

The typical one-week family holiday at the beach with lots of relaxation and little stress. Because the property is pretty large, everything is distributed nicely and you never feel as if you are in a typical holiday resort.


There are two nice tennis courts, now and again prominent guests and beach stuff for hire such as paddle boats and stand-up paddling surf boards. In the afternoon discreet waiters serve the beach villas with fresh fruit and ice for the mini bars.


Oh yes, they have their own spa, with everything that the heart desires. Even when dining you are invited to choose from the Como Shambhala menu, which is designed for health-conscious people. More information on the Shambhala concept can be found here:

Small disadvantage

When we visited at the beginning of November, the sun was covered by clouds on three of the seven days. The best time to travel to the Caribbean is always February and March, when there are the least rainy days, but it`s also high season.


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Double room from 508 US-Dollars per night.

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