The Charlottenhof, Baltic Sea / Germany


The Charlottenhof in the tiny village of Ahrenshoop.


Ahrenshoop is located directly on the dunes to the Baltic Sea.


…which used to be a popular place for artists.


Inside: Everything is very comfortable and dust free.


The lounge on the ground floor.


A bit of art from the good old days


Actually a lovely place to get away from it all, especially in autumn.


A comment in the visitors’ book, stairway and breakfast buffet. Everything stylish.


The second of a total of 12 rooms


Room under the roof.


And the house in the evening, unfortunately without a thatched roof…

Finally a pearl on the Baltic Sea. The Charlottenhof in Ahrenshoop, behind the sand dunes, is exactly what has been missing for the last few years: a lovely, comfortable Bed & Breakfast.  

Our dear colleague Tom Wagner, who is a Berlin based photographer, and his girlfriend Hélène journeyed to the Charlottenhof, a place that we had heard many positive things about. The day after his visit Tom sent us the wonderful photos and wrote this letter to us:

Dear fellow colleagues,

I’ve known this area very well since November 1989 and have come here to surf every year since. My impression so far has always been: beautiful landscape, awful accommodation and lousy food. The Charlottenhof is the opposite of all that! Heike Gebhard, the owner, is responsible for all this and is accordingly pleasant and dedicated, which shows with her affectionately prepared and delicious breakfast, which has your mouth watering in anticipation the evening before. The room was also extremely comfortable.  

My advice for a stay: if possible come for an extended weekend, especially at this time of year when it is very quiet and romantic up there. Ahrenshoop itself is a very beautiful place and there are many antique shops and boutiques in the main street.  Besides that there are lots of restaurants.  The bookshop Bunte Stube is also quite famous around here. 

Another thing that must be recommended: Not too far from there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany, der wilde Weststrand (The Wild West Beach). I’ve taken countless photographs there, because it’s so remote and wild. We often rented a horse and cart at the riding stables Reiterhof Kafka, in the town of Born. One can even book riding trips to west beach and I can’t think of anything more romantic, can you?  

Many greetings from,



from 100 Euros per room including breakfast.


Yep, free of charge.


Google Maps Link. Fly to Berlin and take a car, it`s cosy 2,5 hours.


Grenzweg 3
Ostseebad Ahrenshoop
Tel: +49 (0)38220-302