The Old Smock Windmill, Kent / England

Clare Wilkinson Windmill conversion project, Kent

The windmill and the garden.

The Old Smock Windmill in the county of Kent is the perfect nest for couples in love and who dare to explore the really beautiful English countryside.

They still exist, the undiscovered sanctuaries: The British lady, Claire Winchester has converted an old windmill into a really magical apartment, which she generally rents out via AirBNB (but which definitely has Pretty Hotels standard). She and her husband live directly next door, therefore you are not alone in the English wilderness.

Clare Winchester, Windmill conversion project, Kent

First floor: kitchen and living room. .

Clare Winchester, Windmill conversion project, Kent

Second floor: the cosy sleeping room.

Clare Winchester, Windmill conversion project, Kent

Third floor: The bathroom.

What is it like?

You enter the windmill via the all encompassing terrace, which is great to relax on when the sun is shining. The ground floor room is the kitchen and living area and it feels all very inviting. Claire usually wraps a starter packet consisting of coffee, fruit and a few basics such as salt and olive oil. A really nice addition are the self-picked flowers from the garden. Apropos garden: those who would like to can also dig up their own potatoes and eat them for dinner.

Those who don’t want to cook can just relax on the sofa. Understandably it’s not enormous, but very round and exceedingly comfortable. The bedroom is located on the second floor, which is also very beautiful and charmingly authentic. A further climb of the spiral staircase brings you to the bathroom, with a bathtub, shower, toilet and sink, which are very clean and stylishly done. And to top it all, it has always hot water!

Ideal for

As previously mentioned: couples on a highly recommended countryside trip. Also galloping gourmets get real value for money here. There are three wonderful eateries within a twenty minute radius, one of which has even got a Michelin star (The West House, Biddenden).


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The whole windmill from 194 euros per night

Where to eat

The West House

The Milk House in Sissinghurst

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