The Pig In The Wall, Southampton / England


The Pig in the Wall


The operators call their style “shabby chic”


One of the rooms in the main house


Whacky, but cosy: the bathroom


Cool kitsch: the lounge


The Pig Restaurant, out in the countryside, also belongs to The Pig in the Wall…


You can stay there in rooms such as this


The garden is perfect for little parties

Funny: The Pig in the Wall was simply built into the town wall of Southampton, a coastal town in England. And the reason, why it`s on this blog? Because the operators have made it quite “pretty”! 

Southampton is a two and a half hour drive southwest of London. It’s a harbor town and a traditional English holiday destination that is currently experiencing a small comeback. The  slightly dusty bars and hotels of the 80s are slowly disappearing, whilst new, funny and very authentic places are being launched. The Pig in the Wall is definitely a brand new and kind of funny place. It was built directly into the town’s wall and the operators are the bosses of the well known place in England, “The Pig”, which is just a few miles up the road in the country, next to the river Beaulieu and has been open since 2011. The kicker: For guests staying at The Pig in the Wall who want to eat dinner in the country there is a free shuttle service (in style in a Landrover) to The Pig. Parties sometimes take place in the countryside oasis, even wedding receptions on occasion, so guests are not so welcome then.

The “Pig in the Wall” has 12 “shabby chic” rooms with lots of retro-furniture, old telephones and bathrooms that look as though they belong in the Mozart era (the 18th century). There is also a lounge with a fireplace and a highly recommended breakfast buffet.


per night and room: from 125 pounds sterling, however breakfast is not included.


There is a train from London to Southampton, which takes about two hours and costs 35 pounds. 


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Contact & Booking

The Pig in the Wall
8 Western Esplanade,
Southampton, Hampshire SO14 2AZ