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Surrounded by the italian alps north of Lake Garda, lies the wonderful Villa di Campo. The creative mind behind this sanctuary has built herself a kind of enchanted castle – only the village itself is not really glamourous.

The very small village of Campo Lomaso lies about half an hour’s drive north of the biggest italian lake Lago di Garda and the landscape here is surrounded by the high mountains of Trentino. Just above the not so pretty village, you find an old castle, which was built in the 19. century, and which the owner, Cristina, bought and renovated in the year 2006. Just to let you know from the start: Villa di Campo is not a Grand Hotel with a swimming pool and evening entertainment, but more like an expedition into a modern “Zeitgeist” philosophy: yoga, healthy food, wellness and relaxation, all in one place. People travel here to attend the many workshops, exchange experiences and to find a mutual refuge.

The rooms are all furnished very stylishly, however the furniture is not antique, but replicas made in Tuscany. In addition, there is parquet flooring, on which you quickly feel comfortable. One of the highlights is the dining room, of which the ceiling is decorated with an astonishing and original fresco, dating back to the 19. century. A very authentic Italian waiter, who was wearing a badly fitting tuxedo at our stay, serves the three course meal in the evening. It consists of many ingredients from their own garden and the surrounding region – and it is quite delicious.

Ideal for

A short stopover on route to Tuscany. Or A WEDDING! Or a whole week, if you take up one of the hotel’s special offers on workshops, etc.. Further information on these can be found on their


Two nights, with dinner included, for two people: 425 Euros.  




Villa di Campo
Terme di Comano
38070 Campo Lomaso 
Tel: +39 0465 700052