What does a Pretty Hôtel look like?

What does a Pretty Hôtel look like?

We are convinced that a beautiful hotel or holiday home is the key to a perfect trip. Especially in these difficult times, when the quality of a holiday or short trip is even more appreciated. So, for the past 20 years we have been searching for those special places – unique boutique hotels, cozy chalets, comfy apartments, all sorts of hidden gems plus all kinds of insider tips worthy to share.

When I say “we”, I am speaking of myself, Robert Kittel, the founder of Pretty Hôtels and author of these lines – and a small team of travel experts from several countries who have made it their personal quest to find these hidden gems.

For me, the beauty of Pretty Hotels is that we only include hotels after having visited a property! We decide, if it fits nicely into the Pretty Hôtels family. Personally, I believe this is the only serious approach to running such a website. In times where all Instagram reviews are filled with “awesome, super, brilliant”, what could be better than a personal recommendation which you can trust?

Pretty Hôtels has no fixed selection criteria. Our requirements are what we stand for: The place should be comfortable and pretty, but in a very natural way. We like the ‘less is more’ approach and we like hosts that run their timeless properties in a more sustainable fashion. 

One thing is very important to me: Pretty Hôtels is a personal recommendation site. It is a guide that provides unbiased destination advice for appreciative travelers. If you have experienced a place that fits into our exclusive family, or if you own a beautiful home yourself, please feel free to send me an email at

With the very best wishes

Robert Kittel
Founder & GM of Pretty Hôtels

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