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Die Reederin

Not familiar with Lübeck`s old town? Allow us to clue you in: Imagine a labyrinth of historic little alleys flanked by picturesque buildings and you get the idea. Think of these typically Nordic townhouses adorned with a rather Dutch facade. Like a film set featuring a movie from the past. Come summer everything is blossoming, quite literally speaking, and on the ground floors an array of cafés and studios fills the place with life. Right smack in the middle of this artsy and colorful hustle and bustle you find its most intriguing addition — a new hotel called “Die Reederin”

The name hails from the fact that the building formerly housed a “Reederei” — shipping company in German – from 1868-2016. Explains Nina Dietze, she is the founder and creative director of the establishment.  Step inside and prepare to be amazed: Majestic high ceilings (up to 4 meters !), meticulously restored wooden floors and an immediate sensation of feeling right at home. Nina then takes the rudder and steers us to the “Herrenwyk” salon on the ground floor. You can hardly imagine a more spacious and beautiful setting for a reception.

You can not help thinking: Quite the surprise because looking in from the outside all the houses seem rather narrow and small. But once inside, quite the contrary. At the back is the kitchen and a bar, plus a terrace for eating outside in the summer.

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Host and owner Nina Dietze and the historic buildings that surround the hotel.  

The first impression: Someone had a dream of owning a hotel, never wavered  and thought this thing through. Even the pictures on the walls fit into the overall concept, which always keeps the history of the house (the foundation walls go back to 1790) in mind.

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One of the rooftop suites: Paula.

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There are only seven suites in total at Hotel Die Reederin. And, quite frankly, we all liked them the same. Probably because of that feeling of wanting to run barefoot around the room on those thick wooden floors. Not to mention the new modern walk-in showers, stylish but not overstyled. One of the highlights is the attic rooms with their long wooden beams and views over the city. And the 50-sqm wedding suite “Hilde” with a huge bathroom and free-standing bathtub.

All the furnishings are of the highest quality (think Coco Mat beds and more). For many years, host Nina Dietze has worked in various luxury hotels which likely explains why she really pays attention to details such as bed linen or which bedside table complements the room best. The most creative detail: Old filing cabinets used by the former Reederei got a fresh coat of blue paint and a second life as headboards.


Breakfast comes with the rooms and is served on the ground floor. Get ready for some local delicacies – sustainable, of course. Since Nina Dietze worked in the event sector of hotels for several years, she takes great pride in offering events at the hotel. Yes, you could get even get married in the Reederin. There is special room on the first floor to host a wedding reception, the “Kontor” (40 sqm)..


Doubles from 179 euros including breakfast.


Sure. The suites are quite family-friendly.

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Die Reederin
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