Baixa House, Lisbon / Portugal

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Right in the middle of Lisbon: The Baixa House


Sleeping room at the apartment “Ajuda”.

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Living room at the apartment “Ajuda”

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Second sleeping room at “Ajuda”


Details in “Alorna” and the prettyness of Lisbon


Sleeping room at  “Alorna”


Living room at “Alorna”

Melancholic, wonderfully central and pleasantly imperfect: The Baixa House in the historic district of Baixa is the most popular accommodation in Lisbon and a genuine Pretty Hotel!

Lisbon…just the sound of this city awakens the desire to travel. This is partly due to the fact that Lisbon is so wonderfully imperfect. The old houses are scattered across the hills, the historic cable cars trundle heavily through the alleys and the sun twinkles repeatedly into the street cafes.

On the lower end of the central district of Baixa, lies the Baixa House. Not an oasis of solitude, but something surprisingly real and authentic: an apartment house with 13 very well furnished flats with capacity from two to seven people. Even the entrance and the stairwell are an experience – outside the typically blue & white checked tiles, inside a homage to art nouveau. It creaks and plaster is crumbling from the walls. Super! 

The apartments are all full of antiques and only the kitchens and bathrooms are a very modern. The style: very colourful, very pretty! It`s also a journey to discover local brands and their wonderful products: The cutlery for instance is made by Bordallo Pinheiro, the linens are done by Helena Lavores and even the products in the bathroom are not from the typical Aesop-Molton Brown-Hermés range, but from the small local company Castelbel

The big advantage of Baixa House, apart from these details and the grandiose location, is the concept itself: In spite of the apartment-status, breakfast is delivered to the apartment in the morning and the daily cleaning service is the same as in a hotel. 

Ideal for

Actually every visitor to Lisbon, but of course, especially those who wish to stay a little longer, because they then have a home from home. And sure, families with children and large families are all made heartily welcome in Baixa House, because afternoons at four you can quickly prepare a few noodles for the baby. 


At the apartment you’ll always find coffee, tea, sugar, muesli, cocoa, salt, pepper, vinegar and olive oil. Every day, the Baixa House delivers yogurt with fresh fruit, butter and home-made jams, juices, milk, a home-made cake, and some savory products (cheese, ham,…). Every morning, you receive fresh bread at the door between 8h00 and 8h30, which is just great.

Best apartment

They are all beautiful, but the penthouse “Principe Real” on the top floor is just amazing, it`s a real experience itself!


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The smallest apartment for instance costs 170 euros per night for two including breakfast. All prices can easily be found on the Baixa House website.

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Baixa House
Rua dos Fanqueiros 81
1149-092 Lisboa

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