Cabanas No Rio Comporta / Portugal

Cabanas No Rio

The Cabanas no Rio are two wooden huts that were carved out of old wood, and are now standing near Comporta. Both huts together only have an area of 28 square metres – bur everything that is needed is available; your own stylishly fitted kitchen,  two armchairs to relax in, a comfortable canopy bed, a terrace with a view to the Sado river and even a landing stage complete with a canoe with which the guests can paddle around. The operators are also happy to organize a horse-riding trip or even recommend good places to dine. However, big parties do not take place in Comporta.


The cabanas are very simple and may not be compared to a normal holiday home. You also don’t get much of the new glamour of Comporta out here. Nevertheless, we would recommend staying at the small cabanas – especially to younger travelers who are looking for something special. Because a morning trip on your own kayak with the rising sun can only be experienced here.


200 euros per night for the huts (alone or for two people). 

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Cabanas No Rio
Sítio da Carrasqueira, 7580-613


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