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As always, first let’s talk about geography and history: The Cyprianerhof is located outside of Tiers, a very tiny village in the south of South Tyrol and it probably sits beneath one of the most spectacular roch formations in the world: The Rosengarten. The peaks rise up to the sky as if the Director of Tourism actually arranged them that way himself. Or even the hotel boss Martin Damian, whose family the hotel belongs to and who created this refuge on a vacant meadow from a small guesthouse.

The curious thing about Cyprianerhof is, that the initial feeling is one of a beautiful, very cleanly decorated wellness hotel – with an indoor and outdoor pool, various saunas, sun beds, massage-and relaxing rooms. However, the Cyprianerhof is much more. It`s a perfect base for hikers. Real hikers, who after their breakfast, get together with like-minded people and a mountain guide and don’t return until the afternoon. Martin Damian, who is a passionate mountain climber himself, tries to animate all of his guests to get a bit of fresh air. Actually, by “a bit of fresh air” he doesn’t mean a stroll across the hotel’s meadow, but a trek into the mountains.

Those who aren’t so experienced receive help, which goes without saying, even in the case of proper equipment. And after two days, if you only have the energy to walk across that meadow, well that’s fine too – anything is possible in Cyprianerhof, because the comfort here is brilliant. When the weather is nice you sit on the terrace and take the 80th photo of the Rosengarten. Probably. 

Das Foto ist ausschließlich für PR- und Marketingmaßnahmen das Wanderhotel CYPRIANERHOF - Familie Damian - St. Zyprian 69 - 39050 Tiers am Rosengarten - Südtirol - Italien zu verwenden. Jegliche Nutzung Dritter muss mit dem Bildautor Günter Standl ( - (Tel.: 00491714327116) gesondert vereinbart werden.
The hotel has a wonderful wellness area.
And cozy wooden rooms.

Lovely and bright: The dining room.
The boss says: Go up to the mountains.

The Rooms

All the rooms have a wonderful mountain view. Of course the loveliest rooms are the suites, which face towards the Rosengarten. Cyprianerhof has a total of 80 rooms. 

The Food

When we visited, it was excellent. In the evenings a dinner with several courses is served in the dining room with a glass roof, which is also appealing to people who watch what they eat. The portions are pleasing and of course the specialities are meals directly from the region itself.


The locals would probably say: why do you need a wellness area here when you can stomp through our fresh nature every day. But: Cyprianerhof has got both. A separate wing looks after stressed bodies. There are treatment rooms, various relaxation rooms, sauna landscape, indoor and outdoor pools, a bathing pond and even a ”Schupfensauna“ (shed sauna), the hotel’s own sauna hut right in the middle of the large meadow.

Ideal for

Basically everybody who loves the mountains and wants to spend a week’s holiday in a very special place. But the couples, singles or families visiting Cyprianerhof really appreciate the hiking tours, with or without a guide, that take place in and around the Dolomites. The advantage for singles: you join a group for the day and just might get to know a very nice person.


Doubles including breakfast and dinner menu from 132 euros per person.


Cyprianerhof Dolomit Resort
The Damian Family
39050 Tiers am Rosengarten
South Tyrol / Italy



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