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Ruths Haus

In recent years, Hallstatt had become famous through Instagram, especially among Asians, who came here to – well – actually just take a lot of pictures.

But the place and the area are indeed picturesque. Especially the architecture of the houses on the hillside and by the lake is truly unique. Have you seen the Salzkammergut with its many lakes yet? It is definitely one of the most beautiful areas in Europe.

And smack in the middle of Hallstatt, please find Ruths Haus. A true hidden gem.

We were allowed to spend two nights in this vacation home in the summer. And what can you say: It’s as good as it gets. For us, this is actually the perfect oasis for guests seeking peace and quiet. If you write a novel, please think of finishing it here. The end might get better with this view.

The facts

The house itself has been owned by a local family for many years. It is located just across the street from the landlords Andrea & Jörg, who have beautifully renovated the place. At first it served more for friends and family, but now the two want to offer it to external guests (lucky you). But only those who appreciate this magical place. That’s why you won’t find it on the usual booking platforms. But primarily here, with us.

When you enter this historic 17th century house through a side door, you end up in the living and dining room. There are a few food basics ready in a small, but very clean kitchen. Hostess Andrea already takes care before arrival and wants to make sure no one starves. In Austria shops are closed on Sundays for example.

A small staircase leads downstairs to bedroom one, and upstairs to bedroom two. Both have their own bathroom, with the shower upstairs directly in the room. Everything is very noble and carpentered into the house with a lot of sensitivity. We really felt comfortable here.

Downstairs there is also a sauna, but it is really small and cramped.

But the highlight? It’s the location. From all rooms you have these picture perfect views of the lake and the mountains.


The house is still filled with many artworks collected by its former inhabitant. Her name was aunt Ruth, as she was called in the village. The sister / sister-in-law of the current landlords, was a tailor by profession. Even the logo refers to this: the lettering Ruths Haus is designed as a thread threaded through a sewing needle. And the house keys have an old thread spool as a pendant. Nice idea.


You can get down to your own small lake property via a wooden hut. There is also a small table where you can dine or barbecue in the summer. The lake had 20 degrees during our visit despite the miserable August weather, so you can always go for a swim. When it’s warm, the temperature also goes up to 23 degrees. Believe us, there is hardly anything more beautiful than to go for a swim in the morning. You are only surrounded by the mountains and fresh air.


The hosts really take care. They welcome the guests personally, explain everything in the house, gladly do the shopping in advance or pick up the visitors from the train or ship. When host Jörg has time, he takes visitors out onto the lake in a Venetian-style wooden boat. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.


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In high season including Christmas three nights cost 995 euros (each additional night 250 euros). In low season three nights 850 euros (each additional 210 euros).

Booking & Contacts

Ruths Haus
Andrea & Jörg Zimmermann
Gosaumühlstraße 69
4830 Hallstatt

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