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Der Seehof Goldegg / Austria

Der Seehof

The small, tranquil village of Goldegg is situated on a high plateau 30 minutes south west of Salzburg. When ploughing through the Pongau valley, wind up a few serpentines and you end up in Goldegg. A small village with beautiful old farmhouses, a castle and in the middle a cool lake with natural meadows of reeds growing on its banks.

In the midst of these meadows with a view of the lake find the Seehof. On the facade of the house – it dates back to the year 1744 – hangs a neon sign: “There are a lot of good people around”. What’s not to like? But it gets even better.

The Seehof is much more than just an ordinary hotel. Think about it as an eclectic blend of cultural clubhouse, artists’ enclave and above all culinary hotspot. We will talk about this later.

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The patio of the Seehof in Goldegg, Austria.

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The rooms: Bright and stylish, all with some pieces of art.

First, the rooms. All different, all furnished with works of art yet still cosy and quite homely. The bathrooms renovated, lovely and above all … squeaky clean. Most rooms let you enjoy a wonderful view, either of the mountains or of a neighboring farm. For the more extravagant traveler there is an art suite at Seehof called “Helmut’s Art Suite”. It is painted in pink.

Speaking of art: Throughout the house there are works of art hanging and lying, most of them very beautiful and interesting (and probably very expensive). As it was customary in Paris in the 20s of the last century, renowned artists are accommodated here as “artists-in-residence”, they come for inspiration — there is something really special about the Goldegg aura — and spend the night in the adjacent building. The Austrian writer Thomas Glavinic is a regular, he even writes a column for the hotel.


The Schellhorn family is behind the whole operation and they didn’t exactly start yesterday. Currently, the fifth generation of Schellhorns are at the helm. Meet your hosts Susi and Sepp Schellhorn. Susi is primarily responsible for the hotel, Sepp has been taking care of everything culinary-related since 1996. Ask other Pretty Hoteliers and they will tell you that Sepp is an incredibly skilled cook, “he cooks quick and doesn’t miss a beat”, few can keep up.


That’s why a lot of guests come to the Seehof because of the kitchen. For all the right reasons because here the culinary stars really align. Every evening there is a gourmet menu with several courses. Try as you might but finding something not up to par is virtually impossible. Happens to us almost never. We were truly impressed with the ease that the kitchen brigade cooks and serves with.

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Fine Dining: You will not regret having breakfast and dinner at the Seehof.
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The bread is homemade.
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The old snuggery, where you can also enjoy dinners.
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A table in the restaurant.

Most ingredients come from a radius of no more than 120 kilometers around the house. The bread is baked even closer to home: in an old wood-burning oven built on the opposite meadow. Of course also the herbs are born and raised next door.


The Seehof has its own jetty on the lake which is a mere 70 meters from the house. Who needs a pool, right? Instead take a dip in the lake during those warm summer days, there is hardly anything more liberating and refreshing than bathing in nature’s own. Of course, you can also stay lakeside the whole day.

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Since 2022 the Seehof also offers a unique Sauna experience in an extra hut.


Boccia tournaments. With pastis and canapés served. Participants dress up in colorful outfits … the Seehof staff is taking the French national pastime rather “serious”.


All those who do think that art, good food and beautiful surroundings is the smarter choice.


Doubles from 190 Euros per person, including breakfast and the gourmet-dinner.

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Der Seehof
Hofmark 8
5622 Goldegg
Salzburger Land


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