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Gasthof Hirschen

A lot of hotels today arise from trends. A few colourful wallpapers are pasted into the lobby and old turntables are placed in the room and the guest should think: Great, super, super – I just checked into a hip hotel, I have to share this with my two million Instagram followers! But if you visit the place yourself, it often occurs: Phew, it does not meet our expectations at all.

We promise: This doesn`t happen at the beautiful Gasthof Hirschen in Schwarzenberg, which is located at the western edge of Austria in the even more beautiful Bregenzerwald area.

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The original facade with its typical wooden shingles dates back to the year 1755.

It`s mainly because the Gasthof Hirschen has its own personality that has grown over the years. In the historic corridors you find yourself creaking the floor, and on the wood-panelled walls of the individual salons hang colourful works of art from those eras in which people survived without i-phone (Yes, that was possible!).

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The rooms in the main building are stylish with lot of antiques.
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The dining room where we hosted a Pretty Hoteliers dinner in 2022.
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All the rooms at the Hirschen are filled with great art from the family collection.
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You have arrived at an artful place.
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One of the jewels: The King Max suite.

And it is precisely those halls, some of which are even reminiscent of royal Orient Express dining trolleys, that the new young host Peter Fetz, who has now taken over the house in the 10th generation, wants to fill with creative ideas. Strictly following the motto: “Keep it unique.”

His first actions: He forges partnerships with modern Viennese restaurants (There was a “Hirschen x Mochi” dinner recently), he invites younger guests to a ski touring week, where he himself walks with the guests to the neighbouring ski area or he organises stylish yoga & culinary workshops – all in keeping with the roots of the house, which has always been a bit more creative than other hotels.

Of course, the Gasthof Hirschen also has beautiful rooms, especially the “Stuben” in the parent’s house from 1755, with fine antiques, and very harmoniously added modern elements and unique works of art from the collection of senior boss Franz Fetz. Small detail on the edge: We have rarely spent a night as good and cozy as in these beds, for which there are extra brownie points. Altogether there are 36 rooms and suites in the Hirschen, spread over two houses from different eras.

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A bit of glamour and glitz is allowed at the Hirschen.


The food is, as said, one of the heart of this lovely Inn. In the award-winning restaurant, the young chef Jonathan Burger serves his “Chef’s Choice” on four evenings, a kind of carte blanche menu in four or six courses with regional products and creative ideas. If you do not want to do that, of course you will also get your Wiener Schnitzel or Kasspatzen along with the “Signature” product of the Bregenzerwald, the mountain cheese.

THE Surroundings

The Hirschen is located in the center of the Bregenzerwald, one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the world, with villages where beautiful settlements of shingle houses have survived. In summer an absolute hiking paradise and in winter the guests go to the Bödele ski area and ski back to the house with the skis via a tour descent.

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Magical: The surroundings of the hotel in the Austrian Alps.


All those people who want to sleep in style and eat very well, people who miss a soul in hotels and maybe find a place where they keep coming back in the next few years and thus find their famous home-away-from-home.


Classic double room with breakfast from 168 Euros for two. 

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Gasthof & Hotel Hirschen
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