The Siam, Bangkok / Thailand

The front desk


Looks just like a jail, but it is wonderful: the main building with its rooms.


Architect Bill Bensley designed a very open building.


Everything here is first class: even the pool billiard table.


The Siam Suite is the smallest category, but it is quite big.


The courtyard villas are accessed through the park.


…which are even more roomy and homely.


With enormous, very stylish baths…


Spectacular: the pool in the garden.


Even more spectacular: The Muay Thai Boxing area.


The staff are conspicuous, well-trained and very friendly.


Our favourite butler Aun and a figurine from the family’s vast collection.


The evening mood in the main building: almost as if being on Bali.

The Siam is by far the most exclusive hotel in Bangkok. You don`t really live in a hotel, but rather in a museum of modern art – and that directly on the Chao Phraya River.

Many things in Bangkok carry the name Siam, the historic name for Thailand. However, only a few brands can justify this claim. The exception is the 5-star hotel Siam, which was opened in 2012 and lies in the city’s north west, not very far from the palace of the royal family. Because it is located in the north on the Chao Phraya River, it has very little in common with the usual city hotels of Bangkok. Visitors to The Siam with its only 39 Suites enjoy complete tranquility and seclusion.

The building itself has an atmosphere reminiscent of a luxury resort on the ocean. You step into your holiday from the very first minute. Your personal butler is on call almost 24 hours per day and organises the course of your stay. The rooms are modest, the black, wooden parquet very comfortable, the beds heavenly. Pictures of Elvis Presley and the Beatles were hung in our room and the hotel director, Jason, told us, that this has something to do with the family that owns it – the Sukosol family is not only a wealthy Thai industry clan, but also has very close ties with the music and film industries. The current head of the family, Mrs. Kamala Sukosol made herself a name in Asia as a famous jazz singer. The whole building is practically a kind of personal museum made up of the Sukosol family’s vast collection. In the library alone, there are displays of nearly every camera, which at some point in the past, carried the title of “State-of-the-art”.

Of course, the building also contains a huge spa area. The reception with its lounge is as big as any wellness area that you would find in a conventional hotel. Everything is made up of modest architecture, everything highly exclusive.

Jason, the hotel director, is especially proud of the world’s first Thai boxing ring, which is located in the gymnasium. The Siam offers Muay Thai boxing lessons here. You even get your hands “taped” and as a workout, this sport definitely beats going for a jog. The sweat produced is comparable to playing squash.

Ideal for

Lovers of sophisticated hotels, who want to spend a relaxing holiday in Bangkok, located in a quarter, which is definitely worth a visit. An evening trip to the former backpacker district, located nearby on Khaosan Road, should be on the to do list as well as a trip in town with the hotel owned private boat. 


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The Siam Suite starts at around 300 Euros per night, including free Wi-Fi, butler service and breakfast. 


The Siam
3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal
Bangkok 10300, Thailand 


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