Chesa Salis, Bever – St. Moritz / Switzerland


The Chesa Salis in Bever near St. Moritz




The beautiful stucco elements in the “Salis” room (no. 26) date back to the Biedermeier era.


The cosiest room: the snuggeries with lots of old wood.


Modest, but beautiful: a spare bed in the “Rodolfo”-room.


The “Rodolfo” (room 28) in panelled Swiss pine wood.


There are a total of 18 holiday rooms in Chesa Salis.


A further highlight: the modestly upheld “conservatory” in the veranda room.


The dining experience at the Chesa.



Chesa Salis is one of the few rays of hope in the built up luxury garden that calls itself St. Moritz. Even though the house dates back to 1590 and many original elements are still present, it is a wonderful hideaway for a peaceful holiday. 

Chesa Salis is situated in the center of Bever (1714 a.s.l.), a small, peaceful suburb of the famous St. Moritz, near the Samedan airport. Of course even Chesa Salis can’t free itself from the flair of this mecca for winter sports, which is immediately noticeable in the lobby, where the house is characterized with a few chic elements.

Some of the rooms are really stunning: The Rodolfo room for example, is a jungle made out of Swiss pine wood. Even though the new hosts, Sarah Wild and Uwe Schmidt have strewn a few modern accessories around the place, it is very cosy and authentic.

Chesa Salis is quite a historical place: This Engadiner patrician house dates back to the year 1590 and belonged to the estate of the Engadine nobility, the von Salis family. The outside facade was adorned with the typical Engadine sgraffiti by the architect Nicolaus Hartmann in the year 1880. The structure is basically just painted on. However, the stucco is real in the bright Salis-room, which manages without any wood at all. 

Ideal for

A peaceful, but stylish St. Moritz-sojourn, no matter, if you come in winter or summer. The Swiss Engadine is always a pleasure to visit. 


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An it is only eight minutes with the ski-bus to get to the well-known Corviglia-ski area. St. Moritz village is about 10 minutes by car.


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