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Corte San Pietro Matera / Italy

Corte San Pietro

Matera is located a one hour drive southwest of Bari, in the very south of Italy. Historians see Matera as one of the most famous towns in the world: the origins of these cave dwellings, called Sassi, go back to Neolithic times, which were about 6000 years B.C.. Actually the Sassi are an attraction in their own right, but right in the middle of these stone alleys also lies the perfect hotel: The Corte San Pietro. Owner Fernando personally greets each guest at the glass entrance door and escorts them into his holy kingdom: It only has a small interior courtyard, eleven rooms and a lounge which includes the breakfast area.

The total of eleven rooms at the Corte San Pietro are designed to protect the original idea of the Sassi and are very cozy.

Every room has been lovingly renovated and furnished with many, precious and matching antiques. Your first impression is, that Fernando must have hired a star architect for his holy building, but it’s all a family creation (let’s face it, we’re in Italy!): sister-in-law Daniela Amoroso, also at home in Matera and while our visit enjoying a piece of cake in the courtyard, drew up the plans and even managed to get on various shortlists for large architectural competitions.

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In Corte San Pietro you don’t really live in a hotel, but with Fernando and his famiglia. At breakfast the dachshund walks between the pretty tables and the Patrone chats with the guests about his future plans. 


Is served in the main lounge of the house, which is a beautiful space to sit and relax. It’s in buffet form and each guest receives their own, individually prepared plate with cheese, croissants, fresh fruit, Mozzarella, Bruschetta and honey. The bread in Matera is one of the most famous in Italy.


Yes, even accessible in the cave dwellings of Matera.

Ideal for

Architect freaks, lovers of art or simply people who appreciate beauty (which includes all readers of this website).

Combine with

As Matera is very close to Puglia, we’d recommend a combination with a visit in one of the great Puglian beach towns. (We have two member hotels near Ostuni, the Masseria Calderisi and Masseria Dagilupi and another apartment residence in the middle of the Salento called Palazzo Marconi). We also recommend a road trip starting in Bari with stops in Matera, then Gallipoli (stay at Palazzo Presta in town), Otranto, Lecce, Ostuni, Alberobello and back to Bari.


Approximately 160 euros per night and room.

Booking & Contact

Corte San Pietro
c/o Fernando
Via Bruno Buozzi 97B
Matera / Italien


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