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1477 Reichhalter

Just to make things clear here right at the beginning: We are talking about more than just a hotel. This story is about something fundamental. Because we are all concerned with the future of our own village in some way.

The Gasthaus 1477 Reichhalter is a laudatory example of recognizing the importance of the “centro storico”. The house has been there for centuries, right in the middle of the small South Tyrolean town of Lana near Merano. The original purpose of the building: serve as a place to meet and greet.

But with the rise of the supermarket, which not only destroyed the small shops, but also drew people from the city centres, it had also become quiet in Lanas central Metzgergasse in recent years. For along period, the house was empty and orphaned.

A few years ago, Klaus Dissertori, who runs the Hotel Schwarzschmied in the village, bought the place and decided to create something smart in there. His vision: to revive the original idea of the good old “Gasthaus” as a meeting place for local and foreign society. And, of course, to implement something more modern. So he had two beautiful traditional dining rooms built on the ground floor, including an espresso bar, both for local and foreign guests. And in addition, eight stylishly reduced guest rooms for visitors.

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Another smart move: Dissertori brought together successful local experts who took care of the project “1477 Reichhalter”. The South Tyrolean architect Zeno Bampi, for example, worked on the historic façade and, with great sensitivity for the old building, built a new floor in the attic, which now contains two pretty suites and a roof terrace.

Christina Biasi von Berg, who runs the local design office biquadra took over the interior design. The result is a wonderful mix of historical flair paired with a few elements of the modern travel nomad. Very important to know: It doesn’t look like a designers project at all. Actually it`s quite the opposite: everything seems rather natural.

Even more important: you feel comfortable in all of the eight rooms. But, of course, they’re a bit sensitive. When, during our visit, someone got himself a drink from the fridge in the hallway, you could hear that. On the other hand, isn`t that beautiful? The doors are creaking, the original wooden planks are swinging.

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The old snuggery, where dinner and lunch is served.


In keeping with the idea of the new, old meeting place, culinary delights naturally play a special role in this house. In the morning there is a delicious local breakfast in the really cosy restaurant, which is also visited by the locals at this time. It`s exactly, what boss Klaus Dissertori wants to achieve: “I want this mix of hotel guests and local people sipping a morning espresso. For me, this is very important.”

In summer, you can eat outside on the terrace at 1477 Reichhalter and also enjoy fries & drinks.

At noon, in the afternoon and in the evening (except on Tuesdays, when it is closed) the 1477 Reichhalter is supposed to be a culinary oasis for everyone in the village. The speciality: traditional South Tyrolean dishes interpreted in a more modern way. This also applies to the afternoons, when you can enjoy Sandra’s homemade cakes, for example!

And in summer you can look forward to numerous events with live music. In front of the house there is a small terrace for the new, old idea of a cultivated dinner. New Yorkers would call these dinners “intentional gatherings” at the moment. The South Tyroleans simply say: “Let’s have a drink together”. Especially here, at this wonderful place in Lana.

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People who love the traditional. It`s also ideal to combine a visit to South Tyrol with one of the many other Pretty Hotels in the area.


Doubles from 99 Euros per person.

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Reichhalter 1477 Eat & Sleep
Metzgergasse 2
39011 Lana
South Tyrol / Italy

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