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Dimora delle Balze

To reach Dimora delle Balze fly into Catania International Airport located in the south-east of the island. From here our journey leads us towards Syracuse, the famous UNESCO World Heritage city on the Mediterranean coast. Sicily is well populated here and the area keeps busy with both locals and tourists. After about an hour we turn inland and reach an oasis of peace and tranquillity.

Welcome to Dimora delle Balze.

Talk about a stylish entrance, a graveled path with meticulously trimmed plants along the side of the road leads to the hotel. We park our car and enter the reception through a small door. The wooden gate dates back to the early days of the mansion. A family from Northern Italy bought the place in 2009 and gradually transformed it into a very harmonious and above all unpretentious residence.

Life at Dimora delle Balze is based on the pillars of tranquillity, history, art, culinary delights and nature.

The Place

Staying at Dimora delle Balze, what does that feel like?

Start off by walking through terrain that has been left in parts completely untouched with ruins of columns and a view of the estate’s own farm, Passo Ladro, an area of 27 hectares.

Notice how you are beginning to slow down? The chirping of the crickets, the view of carob and lemon trees, the natural stone floor – everything is in harmony which for the time being makes you want to indulge and relax. The bustling towns of Noto and Syracuse can wait their turn.

We walk down to another courtyard with a lounge. Inside we are surrounded by works of art by Valentine Herrenschmidt, Katrine Arens or Paola Navone. The furniture is made by local craftsmen and conveys a feeling of Sicily unplugged.

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Meeting point in the afternoon and evening: the pool and the associated restaurant Lumia, which serves very carefully selected dishes.

The rooms

Dimora delle Balze has a total of 11 guest rooms and suites. They are all spread across the various courtyards and are all different. The owners made sure that the historical architecture and the many antiques make the rooms feel very cosy. They are retreats with high-quality beds and bathrooms, coffee machines, television and beach bags … even prepare yourself for a rather creative pair of bath slippers. The most beautiful room is the tower suite called Clandestini with a view over the estate.

The rooms are all designed differently. But for some reason they are all equally cosy.


A special shout-out to the small spa, which was built in a dream location with a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape. Treatments and massages of various kinds are on the menu. What the pavilion lacks in size, it makes up by its sprawling glass front, something hardly ever seen by a hotel of this scope. By the way, the massage we received was probably one of the best we ever had.


The Organic Restaurant Lumia is located by the swimming pool in the slightly more modern area of the property. It is completely open to the front, and both a light lunch and dinner are served here. Dinner at Lumia follows the principles of slow food cuisine. Where possible, most of the ingredients come from the hotel’s own farm Passo Ladro below the hotel. We chose to try the 5-course surprise menu – with fantastic creations such as roe, ginger and Bronte pistachios or a bouquet of mackerel, lemon almonds and green bean.

Culinary delights are an important part at the Dimora delle Balze. Many of the ingredients come from their own farm. The organic 5-course Passo Ladro 5-course tasting menu is a journey into the history of Sicily.

Things to Do

Dimora delle Balze is the perfect launchpad for excursions. Most guests of course travel to Noto and Syracuse for the day. Syracuse in particular has become a magnet in recent years; the stone city on the water was founded by Greek settlers before Christ. The historic towns of Modica and Ragusa (both an hour’s drive away) are also within easy reach of the Dimora delle Balze.

Combine with

We would definitely recommend a package together with the Palazzo Previtera by Mount Etna. Both are historic houses and a hike up Mount Etna and a visit to a restaurant in Linguaglossa are part of a Sicilian experience. Also recommended: 5 days at Dimore delle Balze and then 5 days relaxing on the beach at the Adler Spa Resort Sicilia.


Doubles from 450 to 850 euros including breakfast.

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