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 The Schmiedhof is located in Geitau. In case you do not know this village, you are not alone. Most Germans haven’t heard of it either. However, the area is known for their famous lakes,  the Tegernsee and Schliersee. In the last years, even politicians like Michael Gorbachov call themselves fans of this piece of land and have bought expensive homes here. 

If you drive along the eastern shore of the lake Schliersee towards Austria, about eight minutes later you will end up in Geitau. Not much of a village really, more of a hamlet with a handful of farms, hotels and houses. Across from a hotel — where you can dine quite well by the way — you find Brigitte’s new sanctuary. Der Schmiedhof. The owners, Brigitte and her husband, live in the old front part of the house, the apartments have been built in the new addition in the back. 

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In the winter, the Schmiedhof is a perfect base for families who ski and love winter sports.


Entering the Schmiedhof is nothing short of spectacular. There’s a large entrance hall and a beautifully designed common area with three cool lounge swings dangling from the ceiling. Perfect place to mingle with others for a little wine tasting. Or give a speech if the house is rented for a retreat (for which it is quite suitable).

The eleven apartments of the Schmiedhof are beautifully bright, cozy and very well equipped.

From there we go to the individual apartments. Downstairs on the first floor, the newly built flats measure about 50 square meters. They have a bedroom, a beautiful bathroom and a living room with a first-class kitchen. There’s also a small, private terrace with a garden area and a view of the great outdoors. (Diagonally opposite you can see a beautiful old farm with animals). This really is the dream come true apartment we have all been looking for and most importantly, it does not compare with a hotel room (just think of the size!). You get a lot more bang for the buck so to speak.

On the second floor there are four more apartments, very similar to those on the first floor, minus the garden, but with a balcony (and beautiful views of the mountains).

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Enjoy Panettone and tea in the newly built penthouse at Der Schmiedhof in Geitau.


Ready for the highlight? Fittingly, no pun intended, it is under the rooftop. Two incredibly spacious and, thanks to the wooden construction, very cozy penthouses with a stunning interior. Ask any realtor around here and they would put those on the market for no less than two million euro. No need to break the bank though — you can rent them from a mere 300 euro (Apartment Annamirl, 110 sqm) to 330 euro (Apartment Ferdi, 113sqm). We adored the room layout (perfect for a family with two children, for example) and the large living and dining area with fireplace and a large glass front. Find all the details about them here.


Since Geitau is already in the middle of the mountains, there is no better launchpad to explore the Alps. To the Schliersee Lake it takes only eight minutes, to the more famous Tegernsee 20 minutes. But most people tend to drive in the other direction towards Austria, to Bayrischzell and the surrounding mountains and national parks. Brigitte will fill you in with all there is to explore.


About five minutes from the house, please find the Sudelfeld. A small, family friendly ski resort with 27 runs, 11 lifts and 13 quaint mountain huts.


Small apartment from 160 euro per night. The two large apartments in the attic are available from 300 euro.

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Der Schmiedhof
Brigitte Schmied
Geitau 10
83735 Bayrischzell

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