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Villa Flor, S-chanf – St. Moritz / Switzerland


The Villa Flor in S-chanf near St. Moritz









Villa Flor near St. Moritz in the Upper Engadine is an oasis for artists. Or to put it differently: it’s almost an art gallery, in which you can stay the night and have a wonderful breakfast… 

A visit to Villa Flor has been on our to do list for quite a while, because a friendly guest sitting next to us in (Pretty Hotel) La Rösa told us over dinner just how much he loved this place. Of course, we take such enthusiasm very seriously. However, he told us that the villa was located in S-chanf, that looks even funnier when written down than it sounds when pronounced. As a foreigner you have to ask yourself why they don’t just connect the S to the c, but maybe that’s the kicker: after all,
S-chanf is located in classy Upper Engadine, between St. Moritz and Zuoz.

So, a few weeks ago we sent an e-mail to Villa Flor, which is an invention of Ladina Florineth from St. Moritz, and we were allowed to come and try it out. Let us say from the start: in Villa Flor you have to know how to behave yourself. It’s exactly the kind of property that we have seen in the old aristocratic films. Lots of stucco, long corridors, a beautiful staircase and a parlour, in which well-dressed people were sitting on well-upholstered sofas, and discussing art and culture on our arrival. In this establishment, you may and should join in, which is accepted very positively. The rooms: are all beautiful, all stylish, all tranquil and all from the highest quality. A few of them are very spacious, some a little more modern, but all of them without a single faux pas concerning the furnishings.

Ladina told us, that she found most of the things on her journeys, no specific interior designer was contracted at all. Ladina has been interested in art since she was a child and always makes her premises available to be used as an art gallery. Even the artist Julian Schnabel (the guy, who likes to pose in front of the cameras in pyjamas) has stayed here, and painted an enormous picture, which is now exhibited at her reception, which brings us to the first real shortcoming. Even if it is from this famous artist: it doesn’t fit in with this beautiful villa. On the other hand: guests don’t sleep or stay in the reception hall.

The breakfast is magical, every wish is fulfilled. The atmosphere suits us well, because we get drawn into conversations from people who are also interested in beautiful hotels and take the opportunity to exchange tips concerning the local region. You can go skiing in nearby St. Moritz (about 15 minutes) or Zuoz (5 minutes), explore Upper Engadine (e.g. the small village Guarda, which looks just like the film set of a 15th century movie) or just simply enjoy the mountain air on a deck chair on the villa`s small terrace.

Ideal for

Art lovers visiting Engadine who want to experience something special in a very individual house on their round trip. The best, most rustic, (but also the most expensive) alpine restaurants are located near Villa Flor. Ladina has known the operators of these since she was a child.  

Big plus

Friendly guests with good taste. 


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The smallest double room can be had from about 200 euros, the beautiful room number one costs about 310 euros for two, breakfast and WiFi included.  


Villa Flor
Somvih 19
S-chanf / Schweiz


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