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As with many of these projects, there is an interesting story about the hosts: In 2007 Bettina and her husband Patrick were looking for a country house for themselves and their four children. In the eastern part of Germany, north of Berlin, they discovered a run-down estate which was built in 1874. Even though it was completely abandoned, they immediately fell in love with the whole place, which was way too big for the family, so they decided to begin their own adventure as hosts and hoteliers. They bought the property (for the price of a small Volkswagen car) and put a lot of extra money, creativity, love and, above all, an incredible amount of time into the restoration of the house. From 2008 to 2011, they carefully renovated the old façade, and in the years that followed, they developed a very smart inn with even beautifully appointed guest rooms and six spectacular apartments. 

Now, they are the hosts of Guthaus Lexow and a member of Pretty Hotels. 

We also liked the area, where Gutshaus Lexow is located: Just within twenty minutes by car, you can spot five wonderful lakes. The most famous of which is the Fleesensee, where you can even find a Robinson Club and a very nice Grand Hotel. Anyway, most guests quickly find their favourite lake and are mostly found on the beach, especially in summer.

From Berlin, Gutshaus Lexow is only a 1.5 hours drive by car, from Hamburg a little more, so a good two hours – and who then wants to continue to the Baltic Sea, must once again schedule an hour. The place Lexow itself is rather small, a little village with only 170 inhabitants, but very rural and the garden of the property is there for all residents, so you can spend a weekend completely on the estate.

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The large apartments in the main building (and one in the neighbouring house) are absolute space miracles for larger families. The advantage here: They have large, very well equipped kitchens, in which you can take care of yourself. The rooms are partly suites, perfectly equipped and very tastefully decorated. Host Patrick has a knack for finding beautiful and rare antiques that are scattered throughout the estate. Even the old wooden floors are incredibly cozy – the most important thing is: You feel very comfortable after a few seconds.


As already said: The lakes are all worth a visit, but the hosts do have a lot more recommendations for the area as well. In summer you can rent kayaks, or sailboats, even waterskiing is offered. And around Malchow there are good opportunities for riding lessons.


In the main building of the manor there`s a beautiful café, where breakfast is served. Of course all the ingredients come from the region. With 46 beds, which are spread over the entire area, you do not feel lonely. And in summer you can have breakfast outside in the garden and linger. The café is open during the day, in the evening the restaurant is open Wednesday to Saturday (July & August Wednesday to Sunday). 


Rooms from 100 Euros per night and apartments also from 100 Euros.

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Gutshaus Lexow
Bettina Buschow
Dorfstraße 29 – 30
17209 Walow

Tel: +49-381-20 36 36 96

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