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Monte do Álamo

Are you a first time visitor at the wonderful Monte do Álamo? Do yourself a favor and head straight for the small terrace. You will be treated to a stunning panorama of Tavira and the sea shimmering behind it. A Galão coffee goes nicely with the view and your slow holidays are about to kick off in spectacular fashion. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tavira enjoys the reputation of being the most beautiful place in the entire Algarve. And after a few stays at the Monte do Àlamo, we do not beg to differ.

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Dreamlike: The view of Tavira and the sea from the terrace of Monte Do Àlamo.

Admittedly: We already fell in love with this gem a few years ago. Firstly, because it is very natural and doesn’t follow any travel or hotel trends. And secondly, because of the delightful host family.

With the help of her husband Luis, Rosário, the owner, has transformed the property into an absolute hidden gem.

Much of the antique furniture on the property comes from the family and gives the house that cosy boutique charm that most guests really appreciate. Woven baskets, cushions and tablecloths with graphic patterns set special accents. Many of the accessories come from Mozambique, where Rosário’s daughter Mariana lives and helps oversee the catering activities from afar.

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Cooking classes with daughter Inés (centre) are also part of the holiday programme at Monte do Álamo.

The guest rooms

While the four rooms and two suites vary in size, they all have one thing in common: once you open the patio door you find yourself immersed in an abundance of nature! Between the lush medronho bushes, recognizable by their orange-red, edible fruits, there is a wonderful scent of rosemary, lavender and lemongrass from as early as February. And always a little bit of the Atlantic too. In December or January, the fire crackles in the living room. Otherwise, however, life clearly takes place outside.

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All rooms have a wonderful sunny terrace.
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A classic double room with sea view.
Pretty Hotels: Monte do Álamo (Image 8)
The family suite with space for up to four people.
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Simple and cosy: the classic double room, where you can also make your own coffee in the morning.
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The double room with sea view.


In the garden there is a ‘pavilhão’, a covered outdoor area for dinner evenings in a family atmosphere, which can be booked by guests on certain days of the week. This is where Inês, the second daughter, comes into play. She is actually a vet (and has given an old donkey a new home on the property), but is also a gifted chef. The typical cataplana dishes with everything that the sea has to offer are just as much a part of her repertoire as delicious vegetarian or vegan options – something that should not yet be taken for granted in the south of Portugal.

In general, Monte do Álamo places great emphasis on what grows on the Algarve soil has which happens to be quite divers thanks to the many hours of sunshine throughout the year. The cultivation of the farm has become an intensive family affair. When it is time to harvest the almonds, figs and olives, everyone lends a hand. In addition to vegetables, small quantities of mangoes, avocados and peaches are also grown.

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At Monte do Alamo, holidays are slow and in harmony with nature. You look out over the garden where figs, olives, almonds, mangoes and peaches are grown.

Wherever possible, sustainability is key. Plants are planted that naturally require little water. In addition, the entire production is certified organic. Whatever does not end up freshly harvested on the breakfast table right away,  is later dried or preserved in the form of chutneys and jams.

Guests can also take part in the farm activities: Cooking classes are held regularly in a newly constructed farm building right next to the vegetable garden. Under the guidance of Inês, guests cook what they have previously harvested themselves or bought during a joint visit to the market.

The pool

From spring 2024, you can literally swim towards the morning sun in the new 12-meter-long adults-only pool. The ozone-treated pool water can also be used to irrigate the garden, making it even more sustainable.


The small town of Tavira with its sights is a must. Whether it’s a flea market or a fado concert – you can get the latest tips from your host family on the spot. Take the ferry or the slow train across the lagoon to Ilha de Tavira, the offshore island with a 14-kilometer-long sandy beach. While the Spanish border is not far to the east, the entire coast and hinterland can be explored to the west. With detours to Olhão, São Brás de Alportel or Estoi, you can easily be back by dinner time.


Couples who want to combine design, nature and indulgence to create a harmonious holiday experience. In addition to cookery courses and dinner evenings, yoga sessions and massages can also be booked. E-bikes are also available for hire.


Although the Monte do Álamo is not really a children’s paradise, kids are welcome. In the garden, they will find a playground and a plunge pool for splashing around.


The nearest airport is Faro. From Faro, it takes around 20 minutes to drive to Tavira via the motorway or country road.


Doubles from 124 euros per night.


Monte do Álamo – Turismo Rural
Poço do Álamo c.p. 111-Z
8800-254 Tavira
Algarve, Portugal

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