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Agrivilla i Pini

Seeing is believing? Well, on this hygge-inspired guesthouse AND farm it is really more like … tasting is believing! At Agrivilla I Pini you cannot help but marvel at nature’s offering and how they are turned into truly amazing meals. All the ingredients are literally from around the corner. You are what you eat, they say, and here without a doubt you either are a true vegetarian or … you will become one.

Hosts Franziska and Benjamin Posch have always had a passion for „slow living“. What started out as a simple Bed & Breakfast in 2008 became — a few renovations down the road — one of the premiere culinary hot spots in all of Tuscany. Since the  restaurant itself is open to the public, it has become so popular, that not only locals but patrons from far away dial in a reservation to have a go at their yummy dishes.

Enjoy the spirit of a 16th century farmhouse reviced by two design, organic food and sustainability enthusiasts.


The roots of the house date back to the 16th century. It is located on a hill with a view of the picturesque Tuscan village of San Gimignano. Every room is carefully designed down to the smallest detail, many elements were made on the fly by local craftsmen. A lot of the furniture has been collected by the family over the years or was found at vintage markets. The interior combines minimal design and local tradition. But most importantly: The atmosphere is very relaxed, joyful and, above all, very down to earth.


There are eleven rooms and five different room categories: Elemento, Pergola, Torretta, Loggia and Botancia. The rooms are minimalist and are admired above all for their purity and simplicity. There are no unnecessary frills, but quality and style, in line with the philosophy of the house. Wooden furniture, large fabric-covered beds, linen sheets and windows overlooking the beautiful surrounding countryside.


The garden is a beautiful example of organic farming and permaculture. Thanks to a special irrigation system, the purified pool water is used to irrigate the plants. Black cabbage, red flamingo lettuce, daikon, saffron: each plant is a world to discover. Here you learn about the benefits of century-old traditions: the sustainable cultivation of vegetables and herbs.

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Food is an essential part at Agrivilla i pini. The term “farm-to-table” has been misused very often, so please call it “garden-to-fork” here.


The kitchen serves that tradition right up to the table. Variety guaranteed as the chefs come up with tasty new dishes all day long — everything that first hits the plate and then the palate is in line with the day’s harvest and the changing seasons. It is a “seed to table” restaurant, every ingredient is unrefined ( that is, raw and far from any additives), ancient grains are preferred, from the flour for the cakes to the pasta. No sugar or durum wheat is used. Each ingredient is a discovery to be appreciated at the end of the stay. Because everything is created by hand.

The restaurant is also open to outsiders and is also appreciated by non-vegan customers who occasionally want to immerse themselves in the pleasure of this cuisine. Especially among the younger generation, vegan food is very popular.

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i Pini salad with ingredients from their own garden.

Breakfast still deserves a special honorable mention for its originality and care. A bowl of soup, a bowl of porridge and a selection of sweet and savory delicacies, 100% vegan, is offered beautifully prepared daily.


The hotel is perfectly located to discover sights in the vicinity: Florence, Volterra, Colle di Val d’Elsa, Certaldo and many other pearls of Tuscany are not far. Or you can just rent a mountain bike and explore the enchanting trails of the surrounding area.


Doubles including breakfast and divine dinner from 390 euros for two.

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